Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Old people

Life expectancy by country
You have to scroll way down for the United States!

Statin use in people with normal cholesterol
Basically, this article states that there may be some indications for statin use in people that have a normal cholesterol level if they have elevated CRP (C-reative protein) in their blood. CRP is a biomarker of inflammation, which may have some role in the developement of heart disease. Statins lower the CRP and may prevent heart disease in these people. Interesting.

Doesn't everyone want to be the enthusiastic, energetic old person that makes everyone laugh and lightens the mood? I sure do. I don't want to be the old fat slug lying in the hospital that won't get out of bed, and just occasionally grunts for food. Life is so amazingly short, I just have to constantly remind myself of these things, in hopes that I won't get much fatter than my present "fatness."

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